Products and Services

Caravan Furniture

Wren Group specialises in premium furniture and fit-outs for caravans and camper vans. Not all caravans are the same, so we manufacture and supply a range of cabinetry with a selection of panelling materials that look amazing and are light-weight and easy to assemble.

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Decorative Panelling

Wren Decorative Panels are a melamine decorative overlay which can be laminated onto various substrates. This decorative overlay is used in high demand areas in many commercial and domestic applications. Wren panels are laminated using a PUR (Poly Urethane Reactive) lamination process.

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Furniture Accessories

Wren Group manufactures and supplies Pull Open Systems such as handles and hinges. With limited space in mind, we have a range of door and cabinetry handles that are ergonomic and hard-wearing. We can customise door handles to suit your fit-out at a competitive price.

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Cut to Size Doors and Bulkheads

Wren Group specialise in precision-cut sized doors and bulkheads from Wren decorative panels. You name the shape we can cut and edge. We also have capability to predrill handle holes for ease install of door furniture fittings…

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Sliding Doors

Wren Group sliding doors are a great way to reduce weight in your van and add a clean sharp look to the interior of your van. We can custom build you sliding door simply to make it fit your dimensions. This enables you to speed up your production to reduce…

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Fridge Inserts

Wren Group sell a range of Fridge inserts from our 4MM decorative panels.

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